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07-28-12: Okay KA -is- dead. Spammers killed my forum, spammers made me shut down the oekaki, and everyone but Mariano has vanished, pretty much. Additionally, Oekaki is now a fairly dead medium. People have moved on to streaming, SAI, and commissions commissions commissions.

Mariano is still around, and his recent works can be found on FurAffinity at: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/marian0 - Here you can find a few new Live to Tell and a lot of other traditional works.

If you think you can help to get things going again, well... Don't worry about it. I'll be leaving the site up as an archive, but there will not be any further updates. However, the site still costs about $120 a year to maintain, so if you would like to donate to keep the archive alive, send me an e-mail at Kemonoart@gmail.com and I'll fill you in on how to send me money. Thanks for continuing to watch my dead site.

-Tobias Amaranth

Latest Uploads

7/25/07: Captain Cockpatch Kemonoart 2
6/29/07: The Return of Raptor Jesus [Tan] Digital Art 3
6/29/07: Flygon Doodles Tablet Sketches 4
6/18/07: Rule 34: Raptor Jesus Digital Art 2
6/16/07: Potchka the Hunter Dr. Comet 3
12/23/06: For You Kemonoart 1
10/02/06: Candy Cane Digital Art 1
9/11/06: The Hypnotic Powers of Beef Jerky Collaborations 3
9/11/06: Silly Cheetah Collaborations 2
9/11/06: Yoshi and Birdo Collaborations 1

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